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Инфракрасная сушилка "Фрукториана"
Инфракрасный сушильный шкаф "Фрукториана"

Homepage . Do you grow fruits and vegetables?
Then, for sure, your farm should have a small, but great assistant in farming, an ik-dryer “Fructoriana”

Infrared drying cabinet "Fructoriana"

There is an answer!

Just dry your crop, even in a small volume, in an absolutely affordable, versatile (dry everything you grow ...), cost-effective (1 liter of evaporated moisture from the product = 1 kW of electricity) and a fast infrared drying chamber Fructoriana (drying time from only 1.5 up to 4 hours).

Peculiarities drying cabinet Fructoriana

Homepage | Fructoriana | Infrared Drying Equipment Infrared drying technology. IR is a drying or moisture removal technology that has a number of significant advantages in comparison with traditional convection technology (hot air drying).

1. Profitability, i.e. less energy is required to evaporate 1 liter of water (1 kW). Heat rays penetrate the thickness of the product up to 10-20 mm. At the same time, the product itself and the moisture contained in it are heated. The heating process is several times more intense than when blowing hot air, respectively, and the water turns into steam, very intensively. The ventilation system serves only to remove steam outside the chamber and room.
2. Drying speed. IR technology allows you to remove moisture several times faster at a lower temperature than convection technology.
3. Lack of dusting. If a finely dispersed fraction is present in the product, any blowing will lead to dusting and dust ingress into the ventilation system. Where mixed with steam will be released into the environment. With IR technology, the ventilation system removes clean steam, which does not contain product impurities in the form of dust particles.
4. Uniform heating of the product over the entire drying area. On the entire width of the tray, the same conditions are created for the product, which makes it possible to get a high-quality product at the exit, not overheated or underdried.
5. Sterilization of the product. Taking into account the fact that thermal infrared rays pass through the entire thickness of the product, the sterilization process takes place automatically during drying. Destruction or suppression of various types of bacteria, which in turn improves the quality of the product and eliminates the need for additional sterilization.

Products obtained as a result of infrared drying retain all their beneficial properties, up to 90% vitamins, taste and aroma.

Exposure to infrared rays, being a natural drying method, also does not harm human health and the environment. All our equipment meets European and international standards. We are ready to show you our drying ovens directly in action, which will allow you to be convinced of the high quality of our equipment.

Инфракрасный сушильный шкаф "Фрукториана"

Infrared Drying Equipment

Infrared drying equipment (cabinets) today is the most promising and relevant direction for industrial use for drying food and not only. One of the main

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