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Infrared dryer "Fructoriana"

About company | Fructoriana | Infrared Drying Equipment

About company | Fructoriana | Infrared Drying Equipment AgroSushka offers equipment for industrial drying of vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs. We guarantee the high quality of the technological process throughout the entire service life.

We offer high-quality modern drying plants for very fast and high-quality drying of products, raw materials, materials.
Our use of new technologies in the manufacture of equipment allows you to significantly reduce the drying process. And also to make it more efficient in comparison with other drying plants.

AgroSushka offers professional industrial and semi-industrial drying equipment that dries your products optimally and with high quality.
Infrared drying principle
The principle of infrared drying is the uniform effect of infrared light on the entire area of the product. This removes moisture from the product at the cellular level,
and without disrupting the integrity of the cell membrane. That is, the expended energy of the IR emitters is spent directly on heating the product, and not on heating the air, as is the case, for example, during convection drying.

Infrared drying cabinet "Fructoriana"
Инфракрасная сушилка "Фрукториана"

About company |About company | Fructoriana | Infrared Drying Equipment | Infrared drying and its step-by-step programming provide a high efficiency of the IR dryer, increase productivity and reduce energy costs, which in turn leads to a decrease in the cost of the finished product. This means an increase in the company’s profits, attracting customers due to a lower price in the market.
The use of infrared drying of food products (fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, root crops, meat, seafood, snacks, cheese, tea, herbs, pollen) provides:
– giving an attractive presentation and preservation of the composition of the processed raw materials;
– almost complete sterility, due to which there is not only the complete destruction of harmful microorganisms, but also the prevention of their further development.
– preservation of enzymes, since drying can be carried out at a low temperature.
– the minimum consumption of electricity per unit of finished products.

And most importantly, infrared rays do not harm the human body or the environment at all. Thus, the products manufactured by your company will retain all their useful properties. It will be minimally susceptible to deterioration, and its shelf life will significantly increase. Infrared drying technology is also used for processing – grain, mixed feed, spices, sand, coal, pigment, sawdust and other materials, the storage and use of which requires the removal of excess moisture.
Fructoriana products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, so we are confident that their use will bring you only pleasure.
Service maintenance of Fructoriana products is organized through reliable service partners in Ukraine and in other countries of the brand’s presence.

Инфракрасная сушилка "Фрукториана"

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