Infrared drying cabinets Farmer from the AgroSushka company!

Infrared drying cabinets Farmer from the AgroSushka company! AgroSushka is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial infrared drying equipment in Ukraine. Our company has been successfully producing infrared drying equipment for more than fifteen years.

We hasten to offer you a novelty –
Since the spring of 2018, we have expanded our range of infrared dryers by developing two completely new models specifically for the needs of farmers – Farmer 1020 and Farmer 2040.
These models are suitable for the needs of farms, which always have something to dry (up to 500 kg per day).

Infrared drying cabinets Farmer from the AgroSushka company!

One of the advantages of infrared drying equipment is its versatility. The equipment can be used both for drying products – vegetables, fruits, marshmallows, tea, berries, meat, fish, cheese, plants, roots, spices, grain and for drying – sand, coal, peat, sawdust, mixed feed, briquettes, pigment, anthracite, etc.

By using infrared drying equipment, snacks, fruit and vegetable chips, and more can be produced. The products obtained as a result of infrared drying retain all their useful properties, taste, are stored for a long time and do not deteriorate, while drying cabinets quickly pay for themselves, and, importantly, they are easy to operate and maintain. Infrared rays are a natural drying method that does not harm human health and the environment.

The advantages of our drying chambers:

Availability of a certificate of conformity
Own factory production
High quality sealed ventilation system.
Possibility of temperature regulation and maintenance of the set humidity in the drying chamber.
Structurally, the possibility of air sucking past the pan is excluded.
Distribution panels for uniform air flow.
The presence of temperature and humidity sensors in the chamber, temperature sensors of the emitters.
Frame (rigid) construction of the drying chamber.
Warranty for drying equipment is 1 year, for infrared emitters – 3 years.
Qualified technical support.
The efficiency of the equipment – for the evaporation of 1 liter of water, 1-2 kW of electricity is needed!

All our equipment meets European and international standards.
We are ready to show you our drying ovens directly in action, which will allow you to be convinced of the high quality of our equipment.

We send the equipment fully assembled, which eliminates the need for installation (consultation from our side is enough).

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