Infrared drying equipment from the Agrosushka company

Infrared drying equipment from the Agrosushka company . Following the Farmer-1020 and Farmer-2040 drying ovens, Agrosushka presents a new small infrared drying oven Fructoriana that meets all modern requirements and standards.
Drying ovens Fructoriana are produced on modern automated equipment, which ensures the highest quality of the product at its best price.
The product has excellent technical characteristics, impeccable quality, modern design, simplicity and reliability in operation.
Our cabinets are designed for very fast production of crispy apple or pear chips, fruit slices, fruit marshmallows, jerky-type meat chips, fish snacks, as well as for fast and high-quality drying of any other product, raw material, material.

Infrared drying equipment from the Agrosushka company

The Fructoriana dryer is small, inexpensive, but very productive.
The cupboard can dry up to 100 kg per day of raw product (depending on the raw material). For example, apple chips are dried for 1.5-2 hours, and meat chips for about 4 hours, and at the same time, the electricity consumption is minimal for such equipment – 2 kW / h.
One of the advantages of infrared drying equipment is
its speed and versatility.

The Fructoriana dryer is perfect for a small business, for example

in the field of food nutrition, where there is always a need to dry or dry something quickly. The products obtained as a result of infrared drying retain all their useful properties, taste, are stored for a long time and do not deteriorate, while drying cabinets quickly pay for themselves, and, importantly, they are easy to operate and maintain.
Infrared rays are a natural drying method that does not harm human health and the environment. Drying of products using infrared drying equipment retains the content of up to 80-90% of vitamins and other biologically active substances in the dry product.

With the help of infrared drying equipment from the Agrosushka company, you can process a large amount of products with a minimum investment of time, energy and money.
This method has virtually no analogues in food processing, guaranteeing the preservation of all nutrients in vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and berries, which is especially important if you care about the quality of your products.

After processing with infrared rays, the unique taste characteristic of raw fruits is also preserved.
The infrared drying equipment is made of food grade stainless steel AISI 304 and is equipped with temperature sensors, fans that ensure uniform distribution, as well as quick completion of the drying equipment cycle.
The result is the preservation of nutrients, vitamins and aroma.

Apple, pear, strawberry chips, meat and fish snacks are favorites among fast food today.

Chips represent the main segment in the snack market, as they account for more than 40% of the total volume of similar products.
Despite the fact that chips are not considered essential products, they are in the widest consumer demand not only in our country, but all over the world.

This high-calorie product can be eaten as a breakfast cereal or as a snack. Our modern equipment allows us to make the production process fast, economical, and in addition, to minimize the use of potentially harmful additives and preserve the valuable substances contained in fruits, meat and other products.
Using such equipment, you can, on the one hand, guarantee excellent taste, natural color, aroma, and shelf life of the products, and on the other hand, you can optimize the production process and achieve significant savings.

IR technology allows you to remove moisture at least 5 times faster at a lower temperature than other technologies, gives an attractive presentation and preservation of the composition of the processed raw materials.
Food can be dried at temperatures between 35 ° C and 90 ° C

Also, our FRUKTURIANA is perfect for farms with small gardens, or just for a country house, a summer residence with a large and fertile vegetable garden. For the hostesses of such sites, Fructoriana will undoubtedly become a friend, forever.

Drying oven Fructoriana is suitable for many purposes, both food and any other.

The operation of any of our infrared equipment is based on the property of water to absorb infrared radiation, while it does not penetrate into the fabric of the product at all. Such drying allows you to preserve all the nutrients and vitamins, the taste and aroma are also perfectly preserved.

During drying, thermal infrared rays pass through the entire thickness of the product, thus the sterilization process occurs automatically, due to which pathogenic microflora does not develop in the product, the product can be stored for a long time (up to 2 years in sealed packaging). So, healthy crispy fresh apple and pear chips, dried persimmons, slices of mango or melons, for example, a banana, or maybe a watermelon or kiwi, and of course, healthy candy will lie on your table all year round and around the clock instead of sweets.

For wine or beer lovers, fresh meat chips will always be waiting at home.

And it is chips, not jerky, as everyone is used to, but chips that crunch and chew easily, and of course very tasty. Try it, see for yourself, and you will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the quality of your product.
Fructoriana will be our secret for everyone to the question – how did you manage to get such a delicious product?))
Products obtained as a result of infrared drying retain all their beneficial properties, up to 90% vitamins, taste and aroma.

The most important feature of infrared drying is that it ensures not only the achievement of the required moisture content of the product, but also the destruction of harmful microorganisms – this significantly extends the shelf life of dried vegetables, grains, fruits, meat, fish, etc.

Exposure to infrared rays, being a natural drying method, moreover, does not harm human health and the environment.
All our equipment meets European and international standards.
We are ready to show you our drying ovens directly
in action, which will allow you to be convinced of the high quality of our equipment. Come to us and see for yourself

Infrared dryer "Fructoriana"

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