Infrared Drying Equipment

Infrared drying equipment (cabinets) today is the most promising and relevant direction for industrial use for drying food and not only.
One of the main advantages of infrared drying equipment is its versatility.
The wide range of applications in various areas of the food industry is extremely attractive: vegetables and fruits, meat and fish raw materials, medicinal herbs, plants, grain, semi-finished products and instant products.
Drying of products using infrared drying equipment retains the content of up to 80-90% of vitamins and other biologically active substances in the dry product.
With infrared drying equipment from the company, you can process a large number of products with a minimum investment of time, energy and money.

Infrared Drying Equipment

This method has virtually no analogues in food processing, guaranteeing the preservation of all nutrients in vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and berries, which is especially important if you care about the quality of your products. After processing with infrared rays, the unique taste characteristic of raw fruits is also preserved.
Designed for processing grain, fruits, vegetables and other products, drying ovens have high productivity – drying is performed in the shortest possible time. At the same time, drying cabinets quickly pay for themselves, and what is important – they are easy to operate and maintain.

Infrared dryer for fruit chips and pastilles

Infrared drying equipment is made of food grade stainless steel AISI 304 and is equipped with temperature sensors, fans, which provide uniform airflow, as well as quick completion of the drying equipment cycle. The result is the preservation of nutrients, vitamins and aroma.
Infrared heating is based on the property of materials to absorb a certain frequency of the spectrum of this radiation. With an appropriate selection of the spectrum of the infrared emitter, deep or surface heating is achieved.
Also, infrared drying is a kind of sterilization, due to which the dried product can be stored for a long time, retaining its appearance and useful properties inherent in each product, which do not deteriorate over time.

The most important feature of infrared drying is that it ensures not only the achievement of the required moisture content of the product, but also the destruction of harmful microorganisms – this significantly extends the shelf life of dried vegetables, grains, fruits, meat, fish, etc.

Infrared Drying Equipment

IR technology for drying or moisture removal has a number of significant advantages:
– Profitability. Less energy is required to evaporate 1 liter of water (0.9-1 kW). Heat rays penetrate into the thickness of the product, up to 10-20 mm, while both the product itself and the moisture contained in it are heated. The ventilation system serves only to remove steam outside the chamber and room.
– Drying speed. IR technology allows moisture to be removed several times faster at a lower temperature than convection technology. The heating process is several times more intense, respectively, and the water turns into steam very intensively.

– Lack of dust. If a finely dispersed fraction is present in the product, any blowing will lead to dusting and dust ingress into the ventilation system, where, mixed with steam, it will enter the environment. With infrared technology, the ventilation system removes clean steam, which does not contain product impurities in the form of dust particles.

Uniform heating of the product throughout the entire drying area.

On the entire area of ​​the tray, the same conditions are created for the product, which makes it possible to get a high-quality product at the exit, not overheated or underdried.
– Sterilization of the product. Considering the fact that thermal infrared rays pass through the entire thickness of the product, during drying, the process of sterilization automatically takes place, destruction or suppression of various types of bacteria, which eliminates the need for additional sterilization.
Infrared drying, which has gained great popularity, is good in that it provides an effect on products at the molecular level. Infrared rays allow you to achieve excellent results due to deep penetration into the structure of food.

Drying cabinet for marshmallows, fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat

And besides, such equipment has, without a doubt, a valuable quality – it provides the use of energy at virtually no cost due to technological features.
There is also no heat loss, since the temperature required for processing is sufficiently low. The presence of temperature sensors and uniform airflow allows achieving uniform processing of products, which has a positive effect on its quality.

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