Innovative infrared drying equipment

Innovative infrared drying equipment . Successful companies with a worldwide reputation, which for a long time remain leaders in a highly competitive market, owe their position to regular investments in the field of technology development.
Without innovative equipment, it is difficult to achieve success and withstand pressure from more progressive companies.

However, many modern developments are capable of ensuring stable business development, sales growth and cost reduction, allowing enterprises to remain among the leaders for as long as possible.
Among such developments – and infrared drying equipment, which is an exclusive development of the company “AgroSushka“.

The AgroSushka company, which produces drying plants for the needs of enterprises, has been known since 2000 and has established itself as a manufacturer that has many innovative technologies in its arsenal and is constantly improving its products.

Innovative infrared drying equipment

One of the advantages of infrared drying equipment is its versatility, it can be used both for drying products – vegetables, fruits, berries, meat, fish, plants, roots, spices, and for drying – sand, coal, peat, sawdust, mixed feed, gypsum tiles , briquettes, pigment, anthracite, etc.

When using infrared drying ovens, you can get snacks, chips, tea and much more.
Infrared drying equipment ensures the fulfillment of all tasks in an automatic mode according to the specified parameters, will save costs and speed up production.

Drying using infrared radiation is based on the property of water to actively absorb infrared radiation contained in the product and not be absorbed into the fabric of the product.
When the product is dried in infrared equipment, all vitamins and biologically active substances are retained in the product.

Infrared drying equipment

When using infrared drying equipment, less energy is required to evaporate 1 liter. Water = 0.9-1kW.
Heat rays penetrate into the thickness of the product up to 10-20mm,
this heats up both the product itself and the moisture contained in it.
If a finely dispersed fraction is present in the product, any blowing will lead to dusting and dust ingress into the ventilation system, where, mixed with steam, it will enter the environment.

With IR technology, the ventilation system removes only clean steam, which does not contain product impurities in the form of dust particles.

Considering the fact that thermal rays pass through the entire thickness of the product, during drying, the process of sterilization occurs automatically, destruction or suppression of various types of bacteria, prevention of their further development, which in turn improves the quality of the product, significantly extends the shelf life of products, which does not deteriorate and eliminates the need for additional sterilization.

When using infrared technology, the product is evenly heated over the entire drying area. On the entire area of ​​the tray, the same conditions are created for the product, which makes it possible to obtain a high-quality product at the exit, not overheated or not dried.
The ability to dry products at temperatures from 35 ° C to 90 ° C

IR – technology

IR – technology allows you to remove moisture at least 5 times faster at a lower temperature than other technologies. Such drying gives an attractive presentation of the product and the preservation of the composition of the processed raw materials.

Products obtained as a result of infrared drying retain all their useful properties – up to 90% vitamins, taste and aroma.

Exposure to infrared rays is a natural drying method and does not harm human health or the environment.
The infrared drying equipment is made of AISI 304 food grade stainless steel.
All equipment meets European and international standards.
We are ready to demonstrate our drying ovens directly in action, which will allow you to be convinced of the high quality of our equipment.

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